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PDF is a useful file format, especially for business. It’s comfortable to use it when you need to share or store electronic documents. It can be viewed, edited, printed, downloaded, and signed easily, moreover, you can do it on any device.
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PDF is one of the best ways to present electronic materials. Files in this format may include not only text, images, and graphical elements but also interactive ones, such as buttons. You can open the PDF file using software or just from your Internet browser.
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How to sign a PDF online:

Decide whether to upload your file from your internal or cloud storage.
Open your PDF in the cloud editor.
Complete/fill in all of the required fields.
Use the Replace Text feature and double click the line you want to edit.
Click the Sign button to activate the Signature Wizard.
Create your legally binding e-signature with one of the seven suggested options.
Save and use your signature anywhere on the page. Adjust its size, move it, or delete it.
Click DONE to finish.

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Have you been looking for a good but simple tool for signing PDFs? Compare multiple options and finally find one that works for you. This table makes finding the right e-signature solution a no brainer. Never waste time looking for an e-signature tool again!
E-Sign PDF
Soda PDF
Rotate PDF
Compress PDF
Extract Pages
Split PDF
Merge PDF
File Conversion
PDF to Word
PDF to Excel
Word to PDF
Excel to PDF
Web to PDF
Mac PDF Conversion
Pages to Doc
Doc to Pages
Numbers to XLS
XLS to Numbers
File Protection & Signing
eSign PDF
Protect PDF
Password PDF
Unlock PDF
Share PDF
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Chrome Web Store - Extensions
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What Our Customers Say

It's amazing that I don't have to print out papers to get the contracts I make signed. With this e-signature tool, I can skip anything related to printing and storing hard copies.
I can create more professional-looking documents. It's so easy to fill in and sign PDF documents right from my browser. I hate printing things out!
Office Manager
Absolutely love this tool! Sign documents legally without leaving the house? Yes, please! Being able to work from home has really helped us out.

How to e-sign PDF effortlessly

Use our robust e-signature tool to sign PDF electronically for free. The user-friendly interface will ensure a smooth and consistent e-signing process.

Using Your Browser

on MS Windows

with Mac

Using Adobe Acrobat

How to e-sign PDF using your browser

Online tools are definitely the fastest and most convenient ways to e-sign PDF documents. First of all, because they are compatible with any browser and you can use it from both mobiles and laptops. Secondly, web-based solutions are mainly free of charge and don't require registration. And finally, as stand-alone solutions, they have a very intuitive interface and are very simple in use. Our platform designed to create and add a digital signature on PDFs has mentioned above benefits too.
Learn to e-sign PDFs from your browser:
On the main page select a resource you will upload a file from.
Click on the orange button to upload the file.
Wait for several seconds and see it open in the online editor.
Click on the Sign icon in the upper menu to esign the document and click Done, once signed.
Register your own account and download the file.
Our platform enables users not only to e-sign PDFs in no time, but also to choose the most convenient way to generate reusable, legally-binding signatures. Despite the fact that it's free the platform guarantees high security to all the processed documents, even uploaded form the cloud. Cross-platform compatibility is another beneficial feature, which makes it possible for users to electronically sign a PDF from any device connected to the Internet. Try it out for a fast, free and intuitive e-signing.

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How to e-sign PDF on MS Windows

E-signing Portable Document Format files in Windows sounds impossible because Windows doesn't support such a format. However, users still have a choice: either online solutions or software programs to e-sign a PDF. Both options have pros and cons that should be considered before users make their final choice. Online solutions usually don't require payments and registration. However, to employ them, users should have a stable internet connection. In this case, e-signing is possible from mobiles, laptops and tablets.
E-sign PDF via online tool in Windows:
Go to e-sign-pdf.com.
Click on where to upload a file from: desktop or cloud.
Click the orange button and wait until the document opens on the online editor.
Click on the Sign icon to ensign the document and once ready, click Done.
Register an account to be able to download your file.
Meanwhile, software programs that allow e-sign documents, both multifeatured and standalone don't need an internet connection. However, they are limited to one or several devices and don't suit for instant responses. Software programs are usually not free, but they feature free time-limited trials to experience their benefits. Users concerned with security give more priority to software over online solutions. The algorithm to e-sign a PDF will depend on the tool you choose.

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How to e-sign PDF on a Mac

Luckily, Mac has a built-in program Preview that works with all document formats, including PDF. For this reason, Mac users can employ existing capabilities without a need to employ third-party solutions. Moreover, Preview offers at least two ways to create a signature and sign PDF electronically: scanning a handwritten signature with a camera and drawing via Trackpad. Preview allows users to sign documents hassle-free, secure and for free even without access to the Internet.
Signing PDFs on a Mac:
Open your document in Preview.
Click Sign in Toolbar.
Click Trackpad and sign your name with a finger.
Or, use a camera to scan your handwritten signature on a piece of a blank paper.
Drag the signature to the particular place in the document.
The good thing about the trackpad is that if you don't like the signature you have created, there is an opportunity to erase it and redraw. Besides, all the signature created in Preview are reusable. If you are using Cloud Drive, once created electronic signature on once device will be available for you on other Macs too. If you are looking for a more sophisticated way to e-sign PDF documents, try our online solution.

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How to e-sign PDF in Acrobat Reader

Acrobat Reader has been designed as a robust multi-featured PDF viewer and editor. For years it's been the number 1 program globally to deal with Portable Document Format files mainly for a diversity of features, quality and security it provides. It allows multiple numbers of manipulations with documents including signing. Acrobat Reader gives users an opportunity to generate a signature in several different ways and subsequently add a digital signature to PDF fast and hassle-free.
E-sign PDFs via Acrobat Reader:
Open your document.
Either click the Sign icon.
Or select Tools ->Fill and Sign.
Once you clicked Sign, choose to type, draw, or insert an image of a handwritten signature.
Complete by clicking Apply.
Acrobat Reader is a professional software program that is worth money paid. However, if you don't have it installed, and need it to sign PDF electronically just once, consider signing up for a free trial to save your money. A seven-day trial gives access to limited features, however, signing is available. Opting for Acrobat Reader as a signing tool is also reasonable if besides signing you also need other features to manipulate Portable Document Format.

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How to e-sign PDF documents?
E-signing a PDF is similar to physically signing one. The biggest difference is it’s easier and there’s no printing or scanning involved. Upload a document and apply your legally-binding e-signature. Click Done to save your executed contact. The whole process takes less than a minute.
How to e-sign a PDF on iPhone?
Our solution is available on several operating systems, including iOS. Use our web-based PDF editor in any browser. No extra app required. Open your document and tap anywhere to place your signature. Once finished, you can download or share your PDF.
How to e-sign PDF with an electronic signature?
Not every provider offers compliance. To create professional and court-admissible PDFs, use a solution that meets ESIGN’s requirements. Our PDF editor not only complies with major authorities, but we also go the extra mile to make sure a signer’s identity is clear every time. Therefore, when you e-sign with our service, you ensure that your document is court-enforceable.
Is an e-signed PDF legally-binding?
Yes, an e-signed document has the same legal power as a handwritten one, but only if it meets ESIGN’s requirements. The signature must include a digital trail, intent to sign, and be associated with the signer. If a service complies with those three demands, then that solution’s e-signatures are legally binding.
How do I protect my signature in PDF?
Fraudsters are everywhere, including e-signature. However, when an electronic signature tool is developed by qualified professionals, e-signatures are harder to forge than handwritten ones are. Signatures are connected to a signer with a type of timestamp, and actions to a PDF are recorded in the document’s history. Usually, it’s easy to tell if there was intent to sign by the appropriate party. But if you want extra protection, you can protect your PDFs with passwords.
How do you insert a signature on a Mac?
If you’re using our web-based solution, simply visit our website on Safari or Google Chrome. The great part is, there’s no need to install extra software. Create your account and start managing flawless document workflows. Upload your document, edit, e-sign, and password protect it.
How can I make my signature?
Creating an e-signature is fast and easy. There are several options available: typing, drawing and even uploading a photocopy of your signature. Once you create your unique sign, apply it to your PDF. After that, you’ll have an executed document. You can download or send it via email without any delay. Try out more features with an account.
Is it legal to copy and paste an e-signature?
An electronic signature can be copied and pasted, but at the same time, it loses its legal force. Forging a document with an e-signatures is much more complicated than with a handwritten one. Because of that fact, you can’t copy and paste. The audit trail will notice, and for an e-signature to be valid it needs to show intent. That’s usually shown by selecting your signing method and clearly accepting that you want to apply it.
How can I make my handwritten signature online?
With our PDF editor, you can create your unique e-signature in three ways: typing, drawing, or uploading a photocopy of your signature. Each one of them has the same legal power as your physical signature. When you use your e-signature, you get a court-admissible document, that you can download or share. No need to print or scan again. An all-in-one solution for your everyday document needs.