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What Does The Sign Mean On My Ford Focus Dashboard?

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What Does The Sign Mean On My Ford Focus Dashboard?

Power steering / EPAS warning light. If your car's power steering warning light – often known as the EPAS light – is illuminated, it means there could be something wrong with the steering system.

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The image shows an example where the white on-white is a warning. It could also refer to an intermittent issue, like a dead bulb or a water pump, which only shows up when you're not looking).   Now, this is what the standard Toyota warning/signs actually look like. If you look around, most cars have different, more extensive warning/warning-related messages. It's often the car manufacturer’s interpretation of the meaning of these text-and-visual symbols which is different (often not clear until you've followed the link). For example: DTC Message Identifier Message Meaning Inaccuracy (E.G., Not matching sensor, airbag not detecting and not working) A2-737 If the vehicle is not equipped with the proper airbag system (no seat belts, booster etc.), passengers should be seated with their backseat belts engaged. Inaccuracy (E.G., Driver's or passenger's brake lights may not function) C2-1 If driver's side airbag is not deployed, airbag should be activated when side.

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