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Protect and limit access to your document by setting a password and adding a watermark.
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Personalize your documents by adding your personal or company branding.
Invite other parties to sign and fill out the forms.
Go through the document and check it for errors.
Choose any convenient way to save, share or send your document to the government agencies.
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Instructions and Help about E Sign PDF on the Tablet

Hi everybody welcome to my channel and this is just a quick video based on a thing I've just been asked and that I've been meaning to shoot for a little while so this is about signing documents with a tablet or a phone or anything like that I have an iPad pro here and it's got an Apple pencil so I can sign with the pencil but you could just as easily sign with your finger so I'm going to show you both so I've prepared a PDF if I open my files app if you get a PDF from an email or anything like that you can just open it up and what you should get is the PDF itself and in the top right hand corner here you'll have a little pen icon and also the share icon if you I'll leave the pencil for a minute if you tap the pen icon it will allow you to write over the top of the document so you can just sign with your with your own signature is always preferable and that will that will work just fine your alternative is that again with the pen selected you can just sign just made up the one from the name there you can sign it the pen and that works once you've signed the document or written over it in any way you can also use this to highlight if you want to make notes on a document sent to somebody else so you could say NEADS edit for example you can do anything like that basically so there's lots of different tools here again this is an iPad pro this works on any kind of iPad but where you don't have access to a pencil because you don't...

FAQ - E Sign PDF on the Tablet

How do I sign a PDF on my tablet?
Once you've got your PDF, select the edit icon in the corner. Select Fill & Sign. Select Fill & Sign. Tap on the signature icon in the lower right corner (it looks like a pen nib) and select Create Signature (or Create Initials if that's all you need).
How do I electronically sign a PDF on Android?
How to sign PDFs on AndroidStep 1. Install SignMyPad on your Android device.Step 2. Open a PDF from your e-mail or downloaded files.Step 3. Click the Add button in the top right-hand corner and select signature from the pop-up list.Step 4. Sign your name in the box that pops up and click Done.More items...•Oct 31, 2011
How do I add eSignature to PDF?
Follow the steps below to add a signature.Open your document in E Sign Pdf .Click the Tools tab and scroll down to the Forms and Certificates section Click on Digitally Sign from the new options bar.Select the digital signature you want to use and click Continue.More items...
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